Small Business & Not for Profit

We are in an era where newspaper, radio, television, and social media have difficulties in producing needed results in challenging times. 

The Time for Creative Alternatives has Arrived!

Computer Store

Email Strategies

EMAIL BLASTS may make the sender feel good, but many are lost in the sending. People receive dozens to hundreds emails. Many remain unopened or are trash on arrival.


The time has come for targeted and creative approaches to getting your messaging to current and future clients and members..

Digital social media

Social Media Strategies

Facebook provides no shortage of data and insights that can help you track how your Facebook content resonates with your audience, as well as what types of post spark the most engagements. Managing posts is the challenge.

Social Gathering


2020-2021 Have proved to be disasters for most organizations. Organizations have suffered serious losses in memberships, activities, and revenues needed to keep the doors open. In exploring membership recruitment, strategies should also include opportunities for revenue generation

Mobile Phone

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