• G.N. Benefield, Ph.D.

ELECTION 2020; Worst Case Scenario

Anxieties are growing as the election nears!

The idea President Donald Trump will try to cling to power if he loses to Joe Biden is pure fiction. The legitimacy of the result will be in question no matter who wins.

Media and political hacks have announced their intentions and scenarios. The true anxiety concerns the aftermath of the election. On one hand, economic growth strategies, whether they succeed or fail is a Nostradamus question. On the other, economic and civil and social uncertainty, a book of Revelations question.

The response to the pandemic will change the work and social interaction of people for decades, if not forever. Large blue states and blue state cities are failing and people are leaving. Work from home or a small facility far from the City is becoming the norm. Colleges and high schools and even middle schools are changing with off campus learning as the norm. High schools are beginning to look like junior and community colleges where students check in from time to time, but work independently off campus.

What if? Some states decide the right to religion apart from state control, freedom of assembly and the Second Amendment are more important than following the dictates of a central government?

Many are moving to the prepper, or survivalist camp. Among our preparation is access to legal advice we can afford.

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