• G.N. Benefield, Ph.D.

Entrepreneurship: What Now?

Independent Businesses have suffered and closed due to government policies and Regulations. What Now?

Perhaps it is time to take one step back and two steps forward. Facebook does not work: "My friends and family do not buy my products and services!" FB, Twitter, and other social media are crowded with people and bots who broadcast and never read nor respond.

It is time to take a step back and take a fresh look at marketing. Newsletters and direct mail can be effective, even if electronic. Share your business and activities in an interactive electronic newsletter with links to your website, order forms, and additional information. Include it in a direct email, avoid group mails and avoid the spam folder. Go live with your newsletter - video live via social media and your own video channel.

In the past, many entrepreneurs went to shows and exhibits to market their creations. Many of those are closed now, or have restricted access. Go live! Show your items being handmade - crochet, art, leather, jewelry. Narrate your process; educate your viewers on the quality and care that goes into each item created.

Host a Private Business Reception. Have a few guests with you when creating and demonstrating the product or service.

Nothing is more boring than a talking head - a single person narration. With three or four people present, there will be questions, answers, discussions, and more excitement with the presentation. Your guests and viewers are potential customers.

Host a live video show to live customers in a Private Business Reception to display jewelry, clothing, accessories, any service or item you sell. We see these live and recorded on many social media platforms. Scentsy, LegalShield, Tupperware have been doing PBR selling for decades. It works.

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