• G.N. Benefield, Ph.D.

Fear; Change; Opportunity

For many of us, change is "uncertainty" in a world where certainty is expected, computer models are in granite, and change is inconvenient or a threat. For some, change is an opportunity!

Change reminds us that even the boss, and especially ourselves are not all powerful.

We are challenged with unintended actions of our own making, and by others. In past decades, personal, professional, political, and social environments have challenged our emotions, physical, and mental energies. Information has been fear-based, and there are many contradictions regarding what is fact verses emotional or personal perspectives. Modern organizations, businesses, and individuals are facing more than change, but disruptions in every aspect of our actions.

There are things we can do:

1. Be persistent. Success depends on unemotional tenacity to your core values and goals.

2. Be flexible - let your creativity flex and discover new norms, or modify old expectations.

3. Think outside the box; replace uncertainty with optimism and seek out opportunities.

4. Stay mentally and physically healthy while looking at the big picture.

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