• G.N. Benefield, Ph.D.

Marketing In 2021

One might say the world has gotten smaller with modes of travel, communication, reinventing large cities and urban areas. The internet offers many dilemmas: In the sea of social media and marketing, entrepreneurs and local businesses are faced with the daunting task of standing out in all of the internet noise. And, it’s sink or swim. What you need to stand out isn’t a flood of tweets, posts, and instagrams.

It is hard to compete a a local box store with mandates, big box competition, and internet sales. Amazon, UPS, FedEx delivery vehicles are having record years.

Big and little box stores are closing as Amazon, Craig's list, and big box internet sales shut out in-person sales. Not to mention, in-person sales shut outs caused by state and local governments. Facebook and Twitter face their own challenges. Both are giants, both have real and bot members. Everyone seems to tweet and post, but look how few actually read and respond. Marketing products and services on Facebook generates 2% sales for two companies (followers vs monthly sales).

Looking at the direct sales internet pages, everyone sells items and make money opportunities and schemes, but there seems to be few buyers. Individual direct sales has challenges. First - many treat direct sales as a hobby business. To be successful, it needs to be treated as a real business! If direct sales is treated a a hobby, that is what it is.

In 2021, don't expect the world to beat down the firewalls to find your little business. You have to beat down the firewalls to identify Ideal Clients:

  • Identify the ideal client wants and needs and evaluate how your product or service can serve the want or the need. Is your client knowledgeable of their base wants and needs? Are they impulsive and do not want to get into the details? Are they analytical and need to look into all the details? Are they looking to develop an ongoing business relationship, or is it a one time purchase? Are they goal driven and focused on the outcome alone?

  • Know your business service or product. Discover the Why! Why do people come to you and your company.

  • To position yourself as the go to person for solutions, client needs have to be met. Know the need and match the service or product. Build partnerships, with clients, with family, with coworkers, with friends. Network. Reintroduce yourself and products by location (friends, family, neighbors).

  • Direct, personal mail is reemerging as a sales tool.

Social isolation, distancing and restrictions on operations have not only cost businesses in 2020 and 2021, But the intended and unintended consequences will continue into the future. Prospects have learned they can live without malls, restaurants, bars, hotels, big stores, little stores, vacations, and more. If they are hungry, meals and groceries now come to the door. Finding a clerk to check out in a large store can be as difficult as finding the wanted item on shelves that get spaced further apart and have fewer and fewer choices.

Be positive, creative, look for opportunities and do not give into fear and uncertainty.

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