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Protecting Your Rights Just Changed! Red Flag Laws!!!

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Punishment of the innocent masses for the actions of the evil few seems to be the order of the day. Mental health is one of the targets.

Government is acting under the theory:

"By restriction or elimination of the Second Amendment," government is protecting us from evil acts that are not impacted by firearm restrictions. RED FLAG LAWS will effect you!!!

What is a red-flag law? It’s a policy to allow family members to ask a judge to temporarily prevent someone from having firearms if they are concerned that the person has a mental illness or is at some other risk of violence. It also allows Police to confiscate a firearm and the only way to recover your individual rights is to fight it in court. Insurance may not cover this!

If an ex-spouse, significant other, sibling, parent, or anyone makes a complaint to police and the government, you may be confined and firearms taken regardless of fact. Emotional response is creating a legal process which denies rights first and shifts the burden of proof to the accused. Additionally, there is little scientific evidence that clinical mental illness is behind most instances of gun violence.

Red Flags can include criminal convictions, charges, referrals, or medical referrals or even legal medical activities.

Headlines from around the country:

Will Texans give up gun rights to get medical marijuana? Federal government says they have to.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Voters in Missouri made medical marijuana legal, but many people in the state soon will have to decide between a medical marijuana card, or their guns. That's because federal law doesn't permit legal gun ownership for medical marijuana users.

Florida medical marijuana patients can't legally buy or own guns.

Who Is at Risk?

If someone has a history of PTSD, special education, psychological or stress-related medical history and medications, alcohol or drug use, or have lost their temper or made other human mistakes, someone could file a complaint and you could be confined whether you have a gun or not.

If a doctor identifies any mental concern and makes a report, you are at risk. If the doctor determines anyone in the family possesses a firearms, those persons and firearms may be at risk.

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